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Home » 逆襲!パッパラ隊 第01-08巻 [Gyakushuu! Pappara-Tai vol 01-08]

逆襲!パッパラ隊 第01-08巻 [Gyakushuu! Pappara-Tai vol 01-08]

Title : 逆襲!パッパラ隊 第01-08巻 [Gyakushuu! Pappara-Tai vol 01-08]
Also Known As
[松沢夏樹] 逆襲!パッパラ隊
Counterattack! Pappara Army
Pappara Army 2
200 years after the events of the original Pappara Army, Prince Izuru’s kingdom has been usurped by none other than his own little sister Ranje. Having been defeated and currently pursued by Ranje, Izuru unexpectedly makes contact with a rebel army: the Southern Independent Task Force, Pappara Army. Amongst the rebels are three beautiful girls, each with her own insane antics and brutal manner of dishing out damage. Izuru reluctantly joins forces with the Pappara Army, now to retake his throne.
Action Adventure Comedy Ecchi Shounen

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