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MANGA FAVS » RAW MANGA » ヤンキーフィギュア 第01-06巻 [Yankee Figure Vol 01-06]

ヤンキーフィギュア 第01-06巻 [Yankee Figure Vol 01-06]

ヤンキーフィギュア 第01-06巻 [Yankee Figure Vol 01-06]
Title : ヤンキーフィギュア 第01-06巻 [Yankee Figure Vol 01-06]
Also Known As
[ミッチェル田中] ヤンキーフィギュア
Figurine otaku Hitsuji Yamashita gets bullied. Tough girl Sakura Sakurai beats the !@#* out of anyone that pisses her off and in ch.1 she ends up beating the hell out of the bullies because they were disturbing her sleep. Anyway when she turns to Hitsuji, she ends up putting him in a leg lock because he forgot to thank her. She stops and then realizes who he was. A black cat passes by and grins and suddenly there’s a puff of smoke and in the smoke the goddess of destruction Sakura Sakurai has shrunk to the size of a doll. There is more than enough ecchi that takes advantage of Sakura’s new size. And with her having to keep this tragedy from spreading to people’s ears, she has to keep it a secret and Hitsuji helps.
Comedy Ecchi Romance
Tanaka Mitchell
Status in Country of Origin
6 Volumes (Complete)

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