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MANGA FAVS » RAW MANGA » エリートヤンキー三郎 第01-26巻 [Elite Yankee Saburou vol 01-26]

エリートヤンキー三郎 第01-26巻 [Elite Yankee Saburou vol 01-26]

Title : エリートヤンキー三郎 第01-26巻 [Elite Yankee Saburou vol 01-26]
Also Known As
[阿部秀司] エリートヤンキー三郎
Elite Yankee Saburow
“Elite Yankee Saburo” is set in Tokumaru Academy, a private high school known for its delinquents. In particular, two former students, the brothers Ichiro and Jiro Okouchi, became legends throughout the prefecture for their fierceness. Naturally, when the third Okouchi brother Saburo entered the school, everyone feared for the worst.

However, Saburo happens to be an ordinary high school student. He’s typically shy and is a bit of an otaku. But through misunderstandings and bad luck, he begins to develop a reputation as an “elite yankee.”

(from tokyograph)
Comedy School Life Seinen
ABE Shuuji
Status in Country of Origin
26 Volumes (Complete)

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